Targus - 防偷窺保護片 12"- 27" 寸

Targus - 防偷窺保護片 12"- 27" 寸

Targus - 防偷窺保護片 12"- 27" 寸

Functionality – Protects valuable information by narrowing the viewing angle; onlookers see only a dark screen instead of sensitive information

Easy to install – Use included adhesive strips to stick the screen to your LCD or use the included tabs that stick to the outsize frame of the LCD screen

* 有效防止螢幕上的資料被窺看, 確保私隱, 避免洩漏機密資料




Protect your on-screen data

On average employees are 50% less productive when their visual privacy is at risk. Targus Privacy Screens narrow the viewing angle so data is only visible from directly in front of the screen. Onlookers to either side only see a dark, unclear screen meaning you can work comfortably and productively  with confidential information wherever you are. It also acts as a screen protector.

* 保護視角達至 60 度, 畫面完全漆黑, 確保私隱

Targus Privacy Screens 

* 當使用觸碰式螢幕時, 防偷窺保護片並不會妨礙使用時的流暢度

* SKANK M-8 Anti-Microbial 技術, 增添了一層抗微生物塗層, 為健康帶來保障

* 具有抗眩光, 防反光功能, 保護雙眼, 提高生產力

Any screen, any size

Targus Privacy Screens are available to fit tablet, laptop and desktop monitor screens from 12" to 27” including the latest devices.

How to attach your Targus Privacy Screen:


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  • 品牌: Targus
  • 型號: TAR-PF-12-27
  • 庫存狀態: 有現貨
  • HKD350.0
  • 可使用紅利點數: 9000