Catalyst - Influence 透明保護殼,適用於 iPhone 15 / Plus / Pro / Pro Max (6.1"/6.7") MagSafe 相容

-6% Catalyst - Influence 透明保護殼,適用於 iPhone 15 / Plus / Pro / Pro Max (6.1"/6.7") MagSafe 相容

Catalyst - Influence 透明保護殼,適用於 iPhone 15 / Plus / Pro / Pro Max (6.1"/6.7") MagSafe 相容

Enhance your Apple iPhone 15 device's security and add a touch of sophistication with the Influence case, MagSafe Compatible.

MILITARY-GRADE IMPACT PROTECTION - The Influence case is specifically designed to withstand drops that are 2.5 times higher than the military standard (MIL-STD-810G - 3m/10ft), ensuring optimal protection for your iPhone.

HANDS-FREE CONVENIENCE - With the included lanyard, you can easily carry your device without having to hold it constantly. Additionally, the Influence case is compatible with optional Crux Gear Accessories that further prevent accidental drops.

ENHANCED SOUND EXPERIENCE - Enjoy your videos, audio calls, and music at a higher volume. The Influence case amplifies sound by 30%, creating a more immersive audio experience. Moreover, it is uniquely designed to minimize background noise.

INNOVATIVE ROTATING MUTE SWITCH - Say goodbye to broken nails or struggling to find the mute button. The Influence case features a patented rotating mute switch, allowing you to easily turn the sound on or off with a simple twist. Please note that this feature is available for iPhone 15 and 15 Plus models only.

SHOW OFF YOUR IPHONE - The Influence case is designed with a clear back, allowing you to showcase the beauty of your iPhone. Its slim design ensures that your device retains its sleek appearance while providing reliable protection.

Secure your iPhone 15 with the Influence case and enjoy its advanced features and stylish design.

2.5x Higher Drop Protection* MIL-STD-810G – 3m/10ft*

+30% louder sound with Unique Forward Audio**

Unique Patented Rotating Mute Switch (Applicable for iPhone 15 & iPhone 15 Plus models only)

Easy-to-Press Buttons

Ultra Slim

Anti-drop lanyard included (tested to 10kg)

Raised edges protect screen/camera

4 Corner Anti-Drop Attachment System

Clear case back

Compatible with Screen protectors

Wireless Charging & MagSafe Charging Compatible


iPhone 15  

(L) 155mm x (W) 81mm x (H) 13.5mm

(L) 6.10" (W) 3.19" (H) 0.53"

iPhone 15 Pro

(L) 154mm x (W) 78mm x (H) 14.3mm

(L) 6.06" (W) 3.07" (H) 0.56"

iPhone 15 Plus

(L) 168mm x (W) 87mm x (H) 13.5mm

(L) 6.61" (W) 3.42" (H) 0.53"

iPhone 15 Pro Max

(L) 167mm x (W) 84mm x (H) 14.3mm

(L) 6.57" (W) 3.31" (H) 0.56"


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