Catalyst - Total Protection 系列 iPhone 13 Pro / Pro Max (6.1"/6.7") 藍色手機殼

Catalyst - Total Protection 系列 iPhone 13 Pro / Pro Max (6.1"/6.7") 藍色手機殼

Catalyst - Total Protection 系列 iPhone 13 Pro / Pro Max (6.1"/6.7") 藍色手機殼

Our new Total Protection case for the iPhone 13 Series has been launched. It is an evolution of our iconic waterproof and drop-proof case. Fully sealed and submersible it is the perfect solution to face the elements.

500% more Waterproof than leading competitor*

Each of our Total Protection cases seals in the device so it keeps water out, allowing it to be submerged underwater up to 33ft (10m). This allows you to never miss a moment and savor each memory whether snorkeling, skiing, hiking, or swimming. Also, it's the perfect protection for any oops moment such as dropping your phone in the sink. (We’ve all been there).

Washable case providing better hygienic protection

Each of our Total Protection cases is washable with soap and water protecting you and your loved ones from germs. Plus, for that extra peace of mind, they are also cleanable with EPA-approved disinfectants.

Compatible with most screen protectors*

For the first time, you can now pair your Total Protection case with a Catalyst Screen Protector! Also compatible with most other iPhone 13 Series Screen Protectors*. Perfect for those moments when you want to swap your case for our Active Defense Drop Proof Case line.

1.65X Higher Drop Protection***

Always feel secure with our high-tech design and air-cushioned engineering that allows for a drop spec of 6.6ft (2m), 1.65X higher drop protection than MIL-STD-810G military standards. Plus, it comes with a free lanyard so you’re never left hanging. Needed for every adventure you have.

Instant Mute Switch

What’s that you ask? How can you easily mute your iPhone with a fully sealed case? With our instant mute switch, it makes muting simpler than ever. All you have to do is twist and hear the click. Trust us, you’re going to love it.

Wireless Charging, Faster Charge

Each Total Protection case is MagSafe and QI wireless charging compatible. Let’s you charge up without stripping down.

Personalize as you please

Each Total Protection case has 2 corner attachments that are compatible with various items of our Crux Gear line as well as our floating lanyards giving you the option to accessorize to your needs.

100% Fingerprint Proof

We all love a clear case but fingerprints not so much. Have the best of both worlds with our fingerprint-free frosted case back.


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  • 品牌: Catalyst
  • 型號: CASE-CAT-TP-1367-BL
  • 庫存狀態: 有現貨
  • HKD668.0


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