Rii - RK707 2.4Ghz 無線鍵盤鼠標+遊戲控制觸控 3 in 1 組合

Rii - RK707 2.4Ghz 無線鍵盤鼠標+遊戲控制觸控 3 in 1 組合

Rii - RK707 2.4Ghz 無線鍵盤鼠標+遊戲控制觸控 3 in 1 組合

Mouse Combo Turbo Vibration Function for PC/Raspberry pi2/Android TV Google/TV Box

3 in 1 Game controller& white backlit keyboard mouse combo: one button to switch between keyboard mode and game controller mode.

Game controller mode:2.4GHz wireless game controller comes with D-pad, ABXY button,L1,R1,L2,R2,Turbo and vibration function,Please know that this keyboard have three mode ,which for PC/PS3,360,android,you need to press the home button about three seconds to change the three modes

Plug and play:2.4GHz wireless connection via USB receiver, and the long control rang is up to 10 meters. The signal interference: when working with android TV box or smart TV, big monitor device may have some signal interference, Signal interference may result in short distance and buttons do not work as well. In this case you can try to move the receiver from back of your device to the front USB port then use this keyboard

Backlit: backlight guides your operation, white color backlight, easy and convenient to use the keyboard in the dark.

Auto sleep mode: this keyboard has auto sleep /wake up function,

when there is no any operation in 5 minutes, it will into sleep.


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  • 品牌: Rii
  • 型號: RII-RK707
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