Tunewear - Hybrid Card Folio for iPhone 7 / 8 / SE2 ( 多色 )

-73% Tunewear - Hybrid Card Folio for iPhone 7 / 8 / SE2 ( 多色 )

Tunewear - Hybrid Card Folio for iPhone 7 / 8 / SE2 ( 多色 )

Cover your iPhone with a stylish 3 Material Industrial Strength Case that provides the "TOTAL PROTECTION" from drops.

Hybrid Card Folio for iPhone 8/7 is a stylish notebook-type iPhone case the combines TPU with polycarbonate for both flexibility and durability. The body of the case has shock absorbing protection and the cover is made from a smooth material that mimics high-end real leather with a convenient card holder located on the inside.

Notebook-type two-material construction case for extra shock absorbing protection

TPU and sturdy polycarbonate are combined using a special molding technique to provide a hybrid of extra shock absorbing protection. The cover flips open and closes with a magnet to keep it securely shut.

Cushions built into the four corners protect against drops

We have designed an air cushion mechanism which is located in all four corners of the case for absorbing impacts. Even though the case is such a slim design, you can still rest easy knowing that iPhone is safe from accidental drops.

Microfiber inner cover protects the screen

The layer microfiber on the inside of the cover is smooth to the touch and provides a layer of protection to the iPhone screen.

Card slot for holding a credit card or commuter pass

The card slot found on the inside of the cover is perfect for carrying a credit card or commuter pass when you are on the go. The built-in magnetic interference sheet prevents IC card reading errors at ticket gates.

A unique Patent Pending camera ring to prevent camera flash glare

To enjoy the full extent of the iPhone 8/7 camera, you will see a black ring encircling the camera's lens. The ring is there to prevent reflection of the camera's LED flash and to maintain clear image quality when using the flash to take photos in low light situations. It is made with patent pending 3 level / 45 degrees staircase angular design to prevent the flash lighting from bouncing. It is made of black matte finish PC. This is a integral part of all our new cases, to go all the way to provide the best.

Height 141.5mm
Width 75.5mm
Depth 14mm
Weight 52g
Compositions Hybrid
Compatibility iPhone 7 / 8


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  • 品牌: Tunewear
  • 型號: TW-IP7V1-HybridCardFolio
  • 庫存狀態: 有現貨
  • HKD248.0
  • HKD68.0
  • 可使用紅利點數: 5000


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