Catalyst is a design and development company founded on the idea of creating iconic products that enable people to explore and share their world.  In developing our products, we have performed a significant amount of R&D and developed technical expertise, know-how and an IP portfolio that previously did not exist in the market.  This is one of the reasons why several case companies approached us to do a partnership.  We chose to partner with Griffin Technology and announced our partnership at CES 2013 and launched the co-branded waterproof case which we designed and developed using our IP and know how.  Our second generation case was really well received in the industry and received many great reviews.  Griffin sold our products in retailers such as Best Buy, FNAC, Media Saturn, JB Hifi and Yodobashi.


Catalyst - Impact系列iPhone 11 Pro Max保護殼

Catalyst - Impact系列iPhone 11 Pro Max保護殼 概述 堅固耐用-保護裝置不必笨重。 我們的防摔保護套堅固耐用,可保護您的手機免於掉落後高達9.9英尺(3m)高的損壞..


Catalyst - Impact系列iPhone 11 Pro保護殼

Catalyst - Impact系列iPhone 11 Pro保護殼 概述 堅固耐用-保護裝置不必笨重。 我們的防摔保護套堅固耐用,可保護您的手機免於掉落後高達9.9英尺(3m)高的損壞。 密封..


Catalyst - Impact系列iPhone 11保護殼

Catalyst - Impact系列iPhone 11保護殼 概述 堅固耐用-保護裝置不必笨重。 我們的防摔保護套堅固耐用,可保護您的手機免於掉落後高達9.9英尺(3m)高的損壞。 密封的邊緣還..


Catalyst - 防衝擊保護套 Iphone X/XS

Catalyst - 防衝擊保護套 Iphone X/XS具有悠久的歷史,是世界上最具保護性的防水,防摔案例。我們首次推出了一款非防水保護套,這款時尚的設計展現了性能和風格的精緻,我們認為您..


Catalyst - 防衝擊保護套 Iphone XR

Catalyst - 防衝擊保護套 Iphone XR適用於iPhone XR的Catalyst Impact保護套堅持我們的標誌性功能:帶有堅固的橡膠保險槓,掛繩附件,旋轉靜音開關和透明錶殼後蓋以展..


Catalyst - 防衝擊保護套 Iphone XS MAX

Catalyst - 防衝擊保護套 Iphone XS MAX適用於iPhone Xs Max的Catalyst Impact保護套堅持我們的標誌性功能:帶有堅固的橡膠保險槓,掛繩附件,旋轉靜音開關和..


Catalyst - 防衝擊保護套 Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Catalyst - 防衝擊保護套 Samsung Galaxy Note 9在成功推出Catalyst首款三星設備保護手機套之後,我們很高興地宣布推出第三款三星手機套 - 三星Galaxy Note..


Catalyst - 防衝擊保護套 Samsung Galaxy S10

Catalyst - 防衝擊保護套 Samsung Galaxy S10三星Galaxy S10的Catalyst Impact保護套具有Catalyst認可的標誌性功能:堅固的橡膠保險槓,..


Catalyst - 防衝擊保護套 Samsung Galaxy S10+

Catalyst - 防衝擊保護套 Samsung Galaxy S10+三星Galaxy S10 Plus的Catalyst Impact保護套具有Catalyst所認可的標誌性功能:堅固..


Catalyst - 防衝擊保護套 Samsung Galaxy S10e

Catalyst - 防衝擊保護套 Samsung Galaxy S10e三星Galaxy S10e的Catalyst Impact保護套具有Catalyst的特色功能:堅固耐用的橡膠保險..