Acronis True Image for PC & Mac 備份軟件 - 1 年1 用戶 + Acronis 雲端儲存 ( 英文下載版 )

5個工作天內送貨 Acronis True Image for PC & Mac 備份軟件 - 1 年1 用戶 + Acronis 雲端儲存 ( 英文下載版 )

Acronis True Image for PC & Mac 備份軟件 - 1 年 1 用戶 + Acronis 雲端儲存 ( 英文下載版 )

Cloud Features

Dual Protection: Protect your data from local hardware failure or damage by keeping a second copy of your backups in the secure Acronis True Image Cloud.

Mobile Backup to Cloud: Backup unlimited iOS and Android devices to Acronis Cloud.

Facebook Backup: Back up albums, posts, contact lists and more in a few easy steps.

Cloud Archive: Save space by securely archiving older and large files to the cloud.

Cloud Sync and Share: Synchronize files and folders to the cloud for secure access from any location or computer. 

The Fastest and Easiest Personal Backup Software
Protect everything with full image backup on Windows and Mac: the operating system, programs, settings, files,
and boot information. Back up to external drives, NAS devices, network shares, and cloud with just two clicks.
Back up phones and tablets: iPhone, iPad and Android devices. Back up Facebook. Remotely back up for others
anywhere in the world. Manage from a touch-friendly online dashboard. And much more!

Cloud Features

Dual protection

Back up your computers and mobile devices to both local and external drives and Acronis Cloud Storage to get the
maximum level of protection. Local drives are useful for fast recovery. Cloud is always available and accessible from anywhere.


Manage backup plans remotely

Configure backups and review status for any computer or mobile device regardless of location.
Great for family or home office data protection.

Ultra-fast upload

Acronis True Image uses a proprietary multi-stream, multi-threaded uploading technology and network protocol parameters
optimization to ensure the fastest cloud backup possible in the context of your available broadband upload speed.

End-to-end encryption & Password

Encrypt data locally before sending it to the secure Acronis Cloud to ensure the maximum privacy for your data.

Web access from any device

Always have access to your files from any device. Never again have to return home or to the office to pick up
a computer if you only need one file.

“Other software, particularly backup solutions, have come and gone and I have tried too many to count.
Acronis True Image is the best of the best. From backing up individual files to an entire hard drive,
no other product compares. This is what a backup solution is supposed to do—WORK!”

Retention and versioning policies

Select how many versions of files and for how long you want to keep them.
(The default is 6 months and 20 versions.) Other solutions limit your versions or retention time.


Mobile Features

Back up your mobile device content

Mobile phone operating systems take care of applications and settings.
Acronis protects photos, videos, contacts, reminders, and calendar appointments.

Wireless backup to local computer

When a mobile device is on the same Wi-Fi network as your PC, backup can start automatically.

Fast setup, no typing required – just scan a QR code from Acronis True Image.

Cloud backup

If you use Acronis Cloud Storage, you can back up your mobile devices any time you have an internet connection.

– Access your data from any device via a simple web interface.

– Access files from mobile devices via touch-enabled web portal.

Multiple device backup

You can use the same computer or cloud account to back up multiple iOS and Android devices to one place.

Restore a single file

You can restore one file at time without having to perform a complete restore.

“I've tried many other reputable backup software, and I've always found myself returning to Acronis. It's ease of use,
speed, and visual simplicity has made Acronis a winner. More importantly, It It’s never failed me with restores.
Keep up the great work.”


Migrate from iOS to Android and from Android to iOS

No more vendor lock-in. You are in control of your data and you can migrate it to any device,
including contacts, even though iOS and Android use different formats.

Backup SD cards

On Android devices, back up data from SD cards as well as from the main memory.

The Fastest Backup Software in the Industry

As a global partner of the Scuderia Toro Rosso Formula 1 Racing Team, Acronis is committed to delivering
the fastest data protection products in the industry. The new Acronis True Image 2017 backup software is
between 3 times to 6 times faster than the nearest competitor when backing up to an external hard drive,
and 30% faster when backing up to Apple Time Machine. When backing up to the Acronis Cloud,
the new 2017 release is up to 25% faster than last year's version.

(Based on internal testing. Third-party confirmation and details are forthcoming.)


Backup Features


Full image back up

Create an exact replica of an entire disk or a selected partition to enable fast recovery or migration to another computer.

File and Folder backup

Back up selected files and folders rather than a full image backup for those times when you don’t want to back up everything.

Powerful recovery options

Recover everything. Recover a file or a folder. View backup hierarchies and files securely from anywhere via a web browser.

No interruption back up

Backup operations are performed in the background with your system running. They don't affect performance so you can work during back up.

Multiple backup plans

Schedule as many different backup plans as needed. Schedule full backups on a
daily or weekly basis,while backing up certain folders more frequently —
or even continuously. Configure backups to multiple destinations for better protection.

Flexible backup schemes

Create a complete backup every time. Or use version chain, incremental, differential or custom
schemes based on your requirements for speed and storage.

Bootable media / Universal Restore

Recover disk image backups to any hardware. Ensure the backup can be recovered using
Acronis driver injection technology that enables you to start up a system on a new computer.
Resize and reorder partitions during recovery if necessary.

End-to-end encryption & Password

Ensure your privacy with military-grade AES-256

Archive files

Save space by securely archiving older files to local drives or the cloud. Yet retain easy access to them via icons in Windows Explorer or Mac Finder or via web browser.


All backup files are automatically compressed to minimize storage usage.encryption.

Touch-friendly UI and online dashboard

Use Acronis True Image on any modern device with a touch screen.
Disk Cloning

Clone an entire disk to create an exact replica or migrate operating systems, programs,
settings and all data to a larger or a faster disk.

Backup comments

Never forget about the content of a backup by adding comments to your backup plans.

Email notifications

Receive email status updates with details of successful or incomplete backups.
Many customers who help other people with backup use email notifications to make sure
they are aware of any problems with their backups before it is too late.

Advanced disk tools

Use Try&Decide to install software or drivers. If you are unhappy, roll back to the
exact sector-by-sector state you were at prior to the install. Use Disk Eraser for
military-grade disk wiping. And more!

Backup exclusions

Optimize size of backups by automatically excluding files you don’t need to keep.

Automatic backup cleanup

Limit the number or duration of versions or setup backup size limits to optimize storage usage.
This is especially important when backing up multiple computers to one storage location.
Custom Commands

Run any commands and scripts before and after backup to create your own custom backup workflow.
For example, run a script to delete temporary files.

Backup splitting

Automatically split backup files into smaller files for copying to various external media or
uploading to cloud services with file size limitations.
Backup validation

Keep your backups recoverable using validation. You can configure
how frequently to validate your backups.

 Mobile device backup to local computer

Mobile phone operating systems take care of applications and settings. Acronis protects photos,
videos, contacts, reminders, and calendar appointments. Now, you can back up mobile devices
to a local Windows computer in addition to the cloud.

Search in backups

Fast, powerful search

Search for files within local and cloud backups, archives. Make sure you are recovering from the
correct backup to save time. Or recover one file — the correct one — instead of having to recover an entire backup and then search.

NAS device detection


Status reports for Cloud backups



Save space by securely archiving older files to local drives or the cloud. Yet retain easy access
to them via icons in Windows Explorer or Mac Finder or via web browser.

Online backup management

Flexible, less expensive purchase options. With optional cloud and better tech support!

Buy a 1-Time Purchase license or subscription. Add as much cloud storage as you need.
Acronis True Image always supports back up to local drives.


Unlimited mobile device backup

Configure backups and review status for any computer or mobile device regardless of location.
Great for family or home office data protection.
Facebook account backup

Incremental Social Backup

Don't let accidental deletion or social network errors erase your memories and photos.
Automatically back up Facebook.

Back up only changes to your feed, not the whole feed each time, to reduce backup size.
Works in the background without user intervention.
Have complete control of your images without needing to rely on native social media tools.

Easy to setup notifications

E-mail notifications reduce uncertainty and provide confidence about your backup status
--- even if you walk away from your computer.

Just Two Clicks

It takes just two clicks to perform a full image backup. One click to add a new backup plan,
the second click to start it. Of course if you want them, deep technical options and settings are just one more click away.

Wait, there's more!

Ability to add comments to backups and to sort their appearance in the user interface.
Stability enhancements for all aspects of the product – local, cloud, and mobile.
Selection of a regional data center target for both cloud backups and cloud archives.
Support for network shares and network-attached storage.
Encryption for both local and cloud archives.
Improved reconnect behaviors when Acronis Cloud is not available.
Improved interface on the online dashboard.
Better archive management: renaming and removing old archives.
On Mac, increased the number of stored backup versions to 20.
More advanced settings for encryption and compression.
"Shell integration” of key tasks regarding backup files from Windows Explorer and Mac Finder.
Synchronize files between computers without a cloud subscription.



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