AEE AP9 無人航拍機

-6% AEE AP9 無人航拍機

AEE AP9 無人航拍機


1.Flight time: 20min 

2.Auto-Return Function

3.Radius of Remote Control: 500M

4. Max flight speed: 20M/S

5. GPS function

6. Maximum Wind Resistant Ability: level4

7.Flight height: 300M

8.A cruising speed of 10-15m/s

9. 11.1v 5300mAh battery

10. Free switchover between manual flight mode and auto flight mode

11.holder below suitable for AEE S camera and Gopro (Without WiFi Action Camera)

l  High performance 11.1 V 5300mAh battery

l  Cruising speed of 10-15 m/s, maximum fly speed of 20m/s

l  Detachable gimbal, the shooting angle can be adjusted manually

l  Maximum flight relative height of 500 meters, maximum flight altitude of 4000 meters

l  10 inches propeller with more flight power

l  Optional float accessory for water landing

l  Support AEE S series cameras (S50/S51/S60/S61/S70/S71) and Gopro cameras

l  A variety of cameras can be mounted


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  • 品牌: AEE
  • 型號: AEE-AP9
  • 庫存狀態: 有現貨
  • HKD3,199.0
  • HKD2,999.0
  • 可使用紅利點數: 79000

標籤: AEE, 四軸飛行器