Mous - Contour iPhone 11 Pro Max 手機殼

Mous - Contour iPhone 11 Pro Max 手機殼

Mous - Contour iPhone 11 Pro Max 手機殼

Protect your iPhone 11 Pro in our sleek and stylish Contour case

Drop protection
Real materials
Sleek design
Microfibre lining
Dual SIM storage
Face down protection

High impact absorption

Superior impact-absorbing AiroShock™, durable materials and structural innovations offer reliable phone protection

Timeless style

Our sophisticated design and real material finishes compliment the refined aesthetic of the iPhone 11 Pro Max

Designed to protect your screen

Raised top and bottom edges protect your screen, without impeding edge-to-edge swiping

White, red & blue leather

Our white, red and blue leathers have been treated to protect their colour radiance in the face of everyday use and to keep them looking box-fresh for longer

Speckled leather

The real leather black and white speckled option is likewise treated for durability and moulded to add the texture of coarse graphite

Brown leather

The brown leather will patina over time, giving it a heritage aesthetic unique to each user

Black leather

The black leather has been carefully selected to age gracefully and develop character as you use it

Product description

Our Contour iPhone 11 cases have a high level of drop protection whilst putting a premium on style

Contour is available in black & brown leather

Contour Colour Edition is available in red, blue, white & speckled leather


Compatible with Qi wireless chargers (all of our cases are)

Works with Apple charging cable, Mous Lightning Charging Cable & Flexline Lightning Charging Cable

Contour is not magnetic and is therefore not compatible with our Limitless 2.0 or Limitless 3.0 accessories


Length: 148.3 mm, Width: 76.1 mm, Height: 12.1 mm

*Lifetime warranty

All Mous products come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty


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  • 品牌: Mous
  • 型號: CASE-MOUS-CONTOUR-11ProMax
  • 庫存狀態: 有現貨
  • HKD468.0
  • 可使用紅利點數: 12200


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